Sens.ùs Collection 2022/23


Materica was created in the timeless city of Matera and tells its story through a unique, sensory experience.


This triumph of sensations, colors, fragrances, and breath-takingviews reveals Italy’shistory and traditions. The collection tells its story through the beauty of all the different cultures that have always calledItaly home. This beauty is expressed with inclusivity and respect for each ethnicity.As the models stroll through Matera’s unique neighborhoods, each street tells a story and invites thesenses to take full flight.These moments of great beauty offer a chance to experience all five senses. The smell of freshly baked bread, the flavors of homemade pasta, the fragrance of laundry hung out to dry in the alleys, the sounds of the songs that ring out from the local festivals, and truly unique views.


In fact, each model’s look is coordinated with a local product, and each product is tied to one of the five senses. Materica is named after its hometown, while evoking the expressive nature of the materials it uses as a means for artistic expression.Stone, rock, iron, linen, wood: these are only some of the city's star materials. They are allevoked in this collection, starting with thecover.


Materica means history, tradition, and beauty.